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How to clear your cache on Android

If you’ve been using your Android smartphone or tablet for a while then you may be experiencing some performance issues, as the system gets weighed down with app and internet browsing data.

You are know doubt familiar with web browser ‘caching’, a technique used by common web browsers to store files and data locally on your PC or laptop – to aid the loading speed of websites for future visits. Web browser caching is common-place amongst us and the removal of such files can be achieved by simply visiting your browsing history and deleting accordingly – something we’ve all performed before when tidying up our machines and removing previously visited websites from prying eyes.

Caching happens on your smartphone too – for the same reasons. But because smartphones don’t normally carry the storage and processing power of desktop PCs, the caching of app data and web browsing activity can start to really slow down your Android experience. This is something that happens gradually over time – and can sometimes lead to an unnecessary handset upgrade.

In this post we’ll show very simply how to keep on top of your Android caching so as to find that balance between convenience when using apps – and ensuring your phone keeps performing like it did the day you bought it.

How to clear cache on Android: Clear browser cache

If you are looking to clear the cache from your browser to start afresh or are trying to free some additional space on your phone to improve performance then don’t worry, these are quick and easy processes. Most Android owners use Chrome, but regardless of which browser you use, there will be an option in your Android Settings to clear the cache.

Here’s how to clear the cache on Chrome for Android:

1. Open Chrome
2. Tap the menu button (three vertical dots) in the upper-right corner
3. Select Settings
4. Tap Privacy and security
5. Choose Clear browsing data
6. Select the Time Range that you would like to clear
7. If you are just looking to clear the cache be sure to unselect “Browsing history” and “Cookies and site data.”
8. Tap Clear data

How to clear cache on Android: Clear app cache

While the browser is the first thing most people think of, clearing the cache on the rest of your apps can have a similar impact on your phone’s storage space and overall speed. We’ll walk you through viewing your apps to see which are using the most storage space and clearing the cache to free up some of that space.

1. Open Settings
2. Select Storage
3. Choose Other apps
4. By default, this list will be ordered by the amount of storage the app uses
5. Select an app
6. Tap Clear cache

If you want to free even more space then Clear storage will delete all of its data including user data without deleting the app itself. Only do this if it is an app you use infrequently and don’t mind having to log back in when you wish to use it again.

There we go – that’s how to empty the cache on your Android smartphone or tablet – a simple task which can give your phone a new lease of life.