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How to control Android phone using Desktop PC

Android smartphone users who are looking to cast their mobile experience onto the big screen are in for a real treat, thanks to Android screen mirroring software Wondershare: MirrorGo.

This exciting piece of tech enables Android users to plug their smartphone into the desktop environment and take control of their device using their mouse and keyboard.

Everything you can think of doing on your smartphone – can now be done using your PC, on a large display. Neat huh?

Using Wondershare: MirrorGo you can view your phone via a dedicated window on your computer, control the screen, access apps, watch content, send messages and more, using your mouse.

You can even use the software to drag and drop content between your PC and your Android smartphone – even copy and paste functions are supported!

Wondershare: MirrorGo has a raft of additional features, such as recording your smartphone’s screen or taking screen captures and saving the files directly to your PC – what a time save if you regularly demo actions on your phone.

Users in the business or educational world can use the software to cast their Android smartphone to the big screen – all you need is your phone and a USB cable to get started.

In this post we’ll select a number of popular features, and show you how to use them. But, let’s run through the key elements of Wondershare: MirrorGo first:

Features of Wondershare – MirrorGo (Android)

Control your Android phone on the PC
• Manage your Android device when operating on a PC screen – simply plug-in and play!
• Access mobile apps, view and reply to SMS, WhatsApp messages etc. and control the mobile screen with your computer’s mouse. Enjoy everything on your phone – on the big screen!

Drag & drop files from your PC to your phone
• It’s fast and easy to drag and drop files from your PC to your Android phone
• Transfer photos, videos, docs, including Excel, PDF and Word files from a PC to the phone in no time at all!

Share the clipboard between devices and a PC
• Are you frustrated when sharing things between your phone and your computer? CTRL+C and CTRL+V, done!
• Save screenshots to the clipboard. Copy and paste in two steps. No complicated operations at all

Record phone, take screenshots and store on the PC
• Record your Android phones’ screen and store the recorded videos on your PC
• Take screenshots on the mobile and save them to the computer directly!
• No need to use data transferring software to transfer recorded videos and images anymore. Click, drag and save. It’s easy with Wondershare – MirrorGo (Android)

OK, that’s the software. Here’s how to use some of the key features:

Part 1. How to control Android using your PC

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to the PC. Connect your phone to the computer with a lighting cable. Select the “Transfer files” for a USB connection and continue. If you’ve selected it, hit Next.

Step 2. Turn on the Developer option and enable USB debugging. Go to the Developer option by clicking Build number 7 times. Enable the USB debugging on your Android device as the following image shows.

Tap “OK” on the screen. It’ll allow the computer to access your phone.

Step 3. Start to control the phone from your PC. It will cast the phone screen to the computer after you enable USB debugging. Now you can control the phone with a mouse and keyboard on the computer. For example, type in ‘android phone 2020’ on phone screen with keyboard of the computer.

Part 2. Transfer files between phone and PC using MirrorGo

When using MirrorGo to transfer files, there is no need to install any other software on the computer. You can drag and drop the files between a mobile phone and PC. Step 1. Connect your phone with PC using a data cable. Step 2. Enable USB debugging on the device. Step 3. Click the ‘Files’ option.

Step 4. Drag and drop the files you want to transfer.

Part 3. How to record phone screen on your computer

Record feature in MirrorGo can record the phone screen after you mirror the phone screen to the PC. The recorded videos will be stored on the computer. Step 1. Choose the ‘Record’ option after connecting your Android with MirrorGo on PC.

Step 2. Operate on the phone and record the activity. Click on the ‘Record’ option again when you want to stop the recording. After you stop the recording, the recorded video will be saved to your computer. You can find or change the saving path within settings.

And there we have it, a really cool piece of software which enables users to bring Android to the big screen – and take complete control using everyday keyboard and mouse functions. This truly is a great tool and one I’m sure many will be adding to their suite of ‘go-to’ applications both at home and in the workplace.

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