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How to schedule text messages on Android devices

Have you ever wanted to time a text message to perfection, but ended up sending it sooner to suit your busy schedule or day ahead. Perhaps you’ve not wished to disturb a friend or family member at 3am with your important or even random thought, but know that come morning time you will have forgotten all about it?

With our lives being so busy and distractions coming in waves at all hours of the day and night, scheduling when you wish to send a communication can have it’s benefits.

Here’s a scenario.

I remember once writing an extra special Happy Birthday message to my sister whilst I was wide awake in the night, but thought, I’ll wait until the morning as this could actually wake her up and annoy her! So, I left the text drafted on my Android device and said to myself, “Send this as soon as you wake up at 7am, I want this to be the first birthday text she receives!“.

But, with life being life, I was abruptly woken up by one of my screaming children at 6am, and from then on my whole day was thrown off. With my morning routine now well underway, I did my usual rush for the school run, rush to work and then, typically, work dominated me until midday.

It was only when I went to take a bite of my lunch that I looked at my phone to see the draft message in my text sender, all ready to go, but of course I’d completely forgotten to send it at 7am as planned.

So I sent it at midday, much later than hoped and I even had to change some of the message because it contained references to the morning! Annoying!

If this sounds like you and if you had ever wished that there was a way you could schedule a text message on your Android phone so that the message gets sent automatically to the intended person at the exact time, then you might be happy to know there are multiple ways to schedule a text message on Android.

Here is how to schedule a text message on your Android phone and make sure you never forget to send a message again.


If you are a Samsung Galaxy device user, then you are in luck as the default Messages app that comes pre-installed with the Samsung Galaxy devices has the option to schedule text messages. Just follow the below steps to schedule a text message on your Samsung phone.

Step 1:

Open the Messages app on your Samsung device and select the contact to whom you want to send a scheduled text message.

Step 2:

Type the text message you want to sent and then tap on the ‘+’ icon on the left side of the text field.

Step 3:

Select the ‘Schedule message’ from the resulting screen and now you would be able to schedule your text message from the calendar UI appears by selecting the time and date, up to one year in advance.

Step 4:

Once you have set the scheduled time to send your text message, select done and then hit on the send button. The message will now be automatically sent to the selected contact on the scheduled date and time.

If you have set a wrong date or time by mistake or you want to modify the scheduled message, you can always long press on the text, delete it and try again.


If you do not own a Samsung device or the default messaging app on your Android device does not have the feature to schedule a text message, then don’t worry you can always install a number of third-party messaging apps that come with this feature.

While there are a lot of third-party apps out there that have the feature to schedule text messages on your Android phone, Textra SMS and Pulse SMS are the most popular ones with a ton of good reviews. So, based on your preference, select and install either one of the apps from the Google Play Store.

Both Textra SMS and Pulse SMS have a very similar user interface and it is quite simple to use the schedule message feature in both of the apps.