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Which version of Android do I have?

It’s really important to know which version of Android you have on your device as knowing this will help you to answer a number of questions, it also helps to understand whether not a particular app or Android PC Suite is compatible with your device.

There are 100s of versions of Android on the market with new releases happening every few months. This makes it challenging even for Google to know what will work and won’t work with each version of their popular operating system.

Knowing which version you are on can help you to answer common questions, such as: “Why is my phone so slow?”, “Why does my phone keep crashing?” and “Will this app work with my version of Android?”.

Fortunately, identifying which version of Android you are on is simple and can be achieved by following these steps:

1. Open your phone’s Settings menu.
2. In the menu, locate and tap “System.”
3. In the System menu, likely at or near the bottom, tap “System Update.” It should tell you what version of Android your phone is running.
4. If you want more details, tap “System Update.” It will tell you what version of Android you have, when it was updated, and if there are any new updates available.

If you are tempted to upgrade your phone to the latest version of Android, be sure to check that your model supports it first. If you feel comfortable enough to begin the upgrade, you may wish to take added comfort by backing up your Android contents using an Android PC Suite first. This means that whatever happens during the operating system upgrade, at least your precious photos, contacts. messages and app data will be safely stored on your PC for later use.