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How to save battery on your Android device

The 3,500 mAh battery in the Samsung Galaxy J8 smartphone sitting here beside me on my desk usually lasts for about two days of moderate use, and easily makes it through one full day of heavy use.

When I forget to charge the phone overnight after a heavy day of use, however, it’ll probably be dead by lunch the next day.

But now, thanks to these steps, I’ve been able to save battery life on my Android phone, even when I don’t charge it.

Here’s how you can take a few minutes to optimize your own Android’s battery life.

How to save battery on your Android device by changing your display settings

1. Open the Settings app and tap “Display.”

2. First, slide the Brightness toggle as far to the left as you can without the screen becoming too dark for ease and enjoyment of viewing.

3. Then, scroll down and tap “Screen timeout” and select the shortest interval you can without annoying yourself. (Hint: a 15-second timeout is going to annoy you — one minute is a better idea.)

4. Now go back to the Settings app and hit “Sounds and vibration.” Toggle all unneeded sounds to off, including things like “Screen lock sounds” and “Keyboard sound,” and turn off “Vibrate while ringing” as well, as it’s redundant.

How to save battery on your Android device by changing your app settings

To take full control of your Android’s battery life, it’s time to control the way apps function on your phone.

1. Launch the Settings app and tap “Device maintenance.”

2. Now tap “Battery” and then opt for a power saving mode if you don’t want to bother with customizing your app restrictions. There are two power saving modes available, a moderate and maximum option, that will slow CPU speeds, darken the screen, and limit app function by varying degrees.

3. If you have the time and wherewithal, a better approach is to add apps that you don’t want working in the background to the “Always sleeping app” category and shut them down save for during active use.


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