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My Dolls House Game – App Review

My Dolls House is one of the few original concepts currently on Google Play and is built on the premise of every young girls dream – making a house a home! The app plays very well on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″ and is both vibrant and fluid. Rightly so, the game requires little introduction and throws you right into the action – your first home.

With a number of different dolls houses to design/decorate it’s the gamers job to best arrange furniture and soft furnishings. As in life, your first home consists of just two empty rooms, which you fill with all your worldly desires. There are a wide number of objects to choose from, such as wardrobes, rugs, cookers, sinks, baths, plants, toys and TVs. It’s up to you on what goes where, you’re the designer! Not all furniture and fittings are available to you right away though; the more rooms you fill, the more ‘smiles’ you earn. Smiles can then be used to unlock new homes and object categories.

dolls-house-3Each object is selected via the bottom left menu, once you’ve scrolled through the many types of objects on offer, simply make your choice and watch the item drop into the room. As with a real doll house, the object needs a resting place. Simply drag the item to where you like it most. See, every little girl’s dream.

Very quickly you will work your way up the houses. The bigger the house, the more rooms to fill and the more choices to make. Each room and item has it’s own colour scheme, so this will really test your youngsters’ creative skills. There are literally dozens of houses to keep the user occupied. But beware, points must be carefully accrued in order to unlock new homes and objects. Spending points will test your child’s mathematics also.

I imagine a strong sense of pride will ensue on the completion of each home, and a large gasp of excitement introducing the next. There’s something new to discover in each home, which helps to deliver variety.

My Dolls House has already received a large number of 5 star reviews on Google Play, with many thanking the developer for creating such a fun and engaging game. Parents will definitely be thankful as this is a great way to keep your loved ones quiet. The app is completely free and only weighs in at 25MB. There are advertisements on entry and exit, however none during the game. There is no risk of your child clicking on an ad and finding him or herself somewhere on the internet.

This is a great app and the developer has done a fab job of reinventing the traditional dolls house experience for young gamers on the mobile market. My Dolls House will be a god send for long car journeys and lazy Sunday afternoons – get it now while you have the chance!

Get the app here.

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