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Which Android PC Suite Do I need?

Knowing which Android PC Suite really depends on the problem you are trying to solve. On we have a number of solutions to help smartphone users overcome a number of data challenges, from switching between phones, backing up and restoring content and retrieving content from irreparable devices.

So Firstly, what problem are you trying to resolve?

I wish to selectively transfer content between my device and computer

Porting content between your Android device and PC is easy with dr.fone Transfer, in just a few steps you can selectively transfer content from your smartphone to your PC and vice versa, or click a button to move all data across in an instant. For example, if you wish to move some iTunes songs from your PC to your Android device, this software allows you to do it.

You can even manage your smartphone from your PC, like delete content from your phone using the software options on your PC.

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I wish to transfer data between phones (Android to Android, iOS to Android and Vice Versa)

Porting content between phones is so easy, even a child can do it. Whether you are looking to transfer data from one Android phone to another, or Android to iPhone, dr.fone Switch is the software for you.

dr.fone Switch works perfectly for more than 8000 smartphones and tablets, including Apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, OPPO, Sony, HTC, Google, LG, Motorola, ZTE, and more. No matter your device is provided by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile, or unlocked. Devices running the latest iOS and Android system are also supported.

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I wish to unlock my PIN or pattern locked Android phone

Ever locked yourself out of your Android device by forgetting or putting in your PIN or pattern lock incorrectly? Been given or bought a second-hand device only to find the user lock is still in place and you cannot use the handset as you intended?

Well, for any of the above instances, we recommend dr.fone Unlock, a leading software program which allows users to connect their phone to the PC and bypass PIN, pattern and fingerprint locks so you can reset the codes and regain access to your handset and contents. The software works seamlessly with Samsung and LG phones and doesn’t result in any data loss. For other models, the software works however data loss may occur.

Either way, get your device unlocked and your like back with dr.fone Unlock!

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I wish to recover content from a broken Android Device

Well, this one is easy, you need dr.fone Recover. This software helps you to retrieve content and data from broken Android devices, no matter what you’ve lost or how you’ve lost it. This software recovers data from over 6000 Android devices, from almost any scenario, including:

Accidental Deletion
System Crash
Forgotten Password
SD Card Issue
Rooting Error
ROM Flashing
Not Responding
Black Screen
Factory Reset

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I wish to fix my Android phone from black screen of death and more

Come across abnormal symptoms on your Android phone or tablet? Unable to access your device due to it becoming unresponsive? Perhaps apps keep crashing or the latest Android update didn’t run successfully? If any of these symptoms are familiar, there’s a high possibility that the Android system has gone wrong somewhere.

Now, if you’re a bit of an Android wizard, then fixing these types of issues may be fairly straight-forward. But for the majority, we’re left in the dark and wondering whether or not a new phone is required.

dr.fone Repair is the only Android PC suite of it’s type, and has been specifically programmed to identify issues and fix them in just a couple of clicks. All you need to do is connect your misfiring Android device to your PC, load the software and let it run it’s diagnostics.

This Android repair tool has the highest success rate of repairing known Android issues, and is able to fix a large list of symptoms, including:

Black screen of death
Play Store not working
Android won’t turn on or off
Apps keep crashing
Android OTA update failed
Stuck in boot loop
Android system UI not working
Android phone or tablet gets bricked

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I wish to backup and restore my Android contents in just a click

The most basic of Android PC Suite needs: to backup your smartphone contents to your desktop PC. dr. fone Backup & Restore does exactly what it says on the tin. In just a click you can backup all of your Android contents to your personal computer for safe keeping. This is a great and effortless way of allowing you to free up storage on your device.

Once backed-up, you can restore the contents to your device in just a click also.

dr.fone – Data Backup & Restore allows you to easily backup almost all types of data including calendar, call history, gallery, video, messages, contacts, audio, applications and even application data. You can also preview and selectively export any type of data you want. The program also allows you to easily restore the data to any Android/iOS devices whenever you need to.

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I wish to do all of the above in one Android PC Suite

Are you looking to have a tool on your PC that will allow you to do any of the above at any given time? Well, you’ll be delighted to know that rather than downloading the above applications individually, you can actually download The Full Toolkit, which is essentially a bundled software package offering all of the above features in one! Further great news, by downloading The Full Toolkit, you’ll also save yourself time and money as it comes and at a significant discount when compared to buying applications one by one. Get all of the above Android PC Suites in one hit by clicking the button below.

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